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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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If the BBC America coproduction rumors are true, I'd expect a run in the Copper or Ripper Street model -- eight to ten episodes broadcast in a single block.
After hearing they were co-producing AAIS&T I'd have thought a BBC America deal was likely but they also seem to be throwing money around on lots of different projects at the moment and they can't have that an unlimited amount in the budget.
I think coproducing Doctor Who is something BBC America would want to do. At the same time, you're right -- their budget isn't bottomless. I doubt they have seven or eight million dollars sitting free in the bank, plus they're on the hook for the programming they've already committed to (like the second season of Copper) or been committed to (like the second season of Ripper Street). I do think they could pull the money together, but that wouldn't happen overnight.

Also, I think that BBC America would want to be more than just BBC Wales' purse. Cardiff would probably prefer to take the money and run, but I can't see New York tolerating that if they're buying in in a significant way; they don't like the short, split seasons, and the nonsense over the broadcast date last year rankled. If there's a negotiation going on, that's going to be a sticking point.

Finally, I think now would be too early for BBC America to announce a coproduction agreement on series 8 anyway. They would want to wait until after the ratings were in on the 7B premiere so they could say that the show has been successful for them and now they're buying in. In other words, think back to the way the series 2 announcement was made in 2005 (setting aside all the concomitant Eccleston stuff); the ratings were in on "Rose," and the BBC trumpeted that to say that they had commissioned a second series. If Doctor Who becomes a BBC America coproduction, that would be the time to look for an announcement, the first week of April.
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