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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

I've decided to put some effort into my dad. I had a long talk with him about his crazy and stupid ideas (though I was kinder with my choice of adjectives), and he seems at least slightly open to a more rational perspective. I think the biggest problem is he is getting a shit-ton of propaganda, misinformation, and nonsense in the form of my half-sister's antivaccine, "all-natural", raw milk hippie ramblings, and broadcast idiocy like "Coast to Coast" and "Ancient Aliens." I have launched a counter-attack in the form of knowledge. I sent him Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World, a nice presentation by The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe on being a savvy healthcare consumer and not falling for the natural/alternative medicine scam, and each morning I've been sending him a Science Daily article.

He was the person who first got me interested in science, and one of my earliest memories is of watching "Cosmos" with him as a kid, but I think the daily assault of massive amounts of THC starting at the age of 15 has left him a little...pliable...and he just wants to let other people think for him -- and the people he's choosing range from just silly to downright dangerous in their idiocy. So, I don't know whether or not my attempts will be ultimately futile, but my new thing to work on is to try to give my dad at least a slightly more balanced worldview, so that maybe he'll stop saying hurtful and ignorant things to my mom, sisters, and me about our health/mental health, beliefs (and lack thereof), and lifestyles.

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