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Re: RDM interview in a military blog (in 4 parts)

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The continual psychoanalysis of Ron Moore by the OP is more than a little creepy.
The OP's desperate attempts to rationalize the mystery of how the first two seasons could be so great and the last two so bad
And that's where you lose me. The second half of Season 3 did suffer from an enforced set of bottle episodes from the network but the alleged drop in quality never really made much sense to me.

on one level reflects profound respect for Moore. The mystery is impossible to solve, leading to really peculiar hypotheses. But I think the true answer is obvious, namely, seasons one and two were badly written too, but they were on 9/11 when the supposed 9/11 wars were still popular.
Yikes. BSG was effective in all seasons at portraying a group of people stretched to their breaking points. The backdrop of the conflict was just that, a backdrop. People got all twisted up in their attempts to shoehorn Galactica into a particular set of politics that they forgot that the show was, from the start, about the people. As a character drama, BSG excelled. As a political statement, not so much.

But even if the notion that Moore was competent is true, the OP wasn't remotely as creepy as a multitude of OPs about Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. In fact, the OP isn't nearly as creepy as the idea of "Weaponized Culture." That guy's review of Skyfall is perceptive about the movie's backwardness and how comfortable he is with it. His graphic that fits drug and other police operations into the spectrum of war is pretty symptomatic too. However I thought that Moore's comfort level with the notion of Cylons as "holy warriors" and a "Jihadist people" was much creepier than the OP.
No, V is way creepier. He's literally living in a dream world where he makes up, out of whole cloth, a very personal set of circumstances surrounding RDM and holds to them like they were blasted into stone tablets from on high. It's a sickness.
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