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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

I am a non stereotypical gay male and I do find this offensive, the gay cure joke my question to those on here that are defending this joke: Do you really think being gay is a disease? Is this Troi character really how you view all people of the LGTBQ community? Does this mean you want to cure me and all of the people of the community?

it doesn't matter how the author intended for the joke to be or who wrote it. the public does not know you, or know your background.

And I agree if troy was really supposed to be a drag queen, as a man portraying a woman, then the film maker should have made it obvious that they were. A wig doesn't cost that much, go to any Halloween store, or costume shop, not that I have any. if you were going for the skin suite idea that 7 of 9 / t'pol l troi wore, you could still do it. T'Pol's skin suit from the later seasons of enterprise was just a yoga jacket and yoga pants lol. this troi character has no fake boobs, has a mustache(the only drag ive seen with a mustache was a girl being a guy), and talks with a southern baptist accent.

you talk about Seth McFarland and the gay joke of the Oscars.
according to wikipedia:
MacFarlane came to support gay rights and gay marriage after a family member wondered aloud whether his gay cousin's homosexuality could be "cured". The incident angered MacFarlane, who said in a 2008 interview in The Advocate, that such a statement "was fucking horrifying to hear from somebody that you love". He credits his parents for raising him to be a logical person.

Not that I am saying that I love the creators, but to hear from star trek, which i love and albeit from a low budget fan film, it is like star trek fans are supposed to be more enlightened then this.

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