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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Trek Movie Report and Aint it cool news had announced last year that it was Khan after hearing the news from reliable sources.
Unnamed sources.
Which they seemed to trust enough to make such a big announcement.
Yes, but I don't trust them. They've been wrong before. The Internet is full of "reliably sourced" movie rumors that turn out to be total BS. And yet people keep forgetting all the false ones and bizarrely assuming they can trust the next one.

Well that's one way to see it. Another way is that you see a bunch of people running away and screaming from something behind you then you might run with them too before turning around as you might consider some people to have some good sense and...journalistic integrity.
That's an invalid rebuttal, because it doesn't fit the facts in this case. Yes, there have been some people -- mostly months ago -- saying it was Khan, but there have been plenty of other people saying other things, and the growing tide of assertions and evidence in recent months has been away from the Khan rumors. Yes, there was a time a few months ago when I was thinking it looked like it might actually be Khan, but since then, the trend has been in the other direction.

And people run and scream from a lot of things without good sense. Last week I saw a lot of posts from people panicking about the risk of asteroids hitting the Earth, even though we know that large impactors are very rare. And yet those same people are probably not at all worried about things that are far more likely to kill them, like traffic accidents. The reactions and beliefs of the crowd are not reliable indicators of probability.

So again i'm speculating that from the trailers we see a guy with superhuman strength. A guy named John Harrison, a background character who was featured in an episode called 'Space Seed' which was our introduction to Khan.
Now just based on some of those things I can still speculate that it's Khan.
But Khan wasn't the only Augment. To me, the most likely prospect at this point is that Harrison is a different Augment, that they're approaching the story of the Eugenics Wars and the Augments from a different perspective. It's possible that Khan will be involved in the background as a mastermind, or that maybe this story about Harrison will be setting up Khan as the big bad in the third film, the way The Avengers set up Thanos. There are a lot of possibilities here. An open mind lets you consider more possibilities. It's better than clinging to a single preconception and trying to twist everything to fit it.

Anyway, it's a silly thing to waste time arguing over, because the movie will be out within three months and then we'll actually know.
Actually it's not released here until September.
But we have the Internet now, and there's bound to be plenty of spoiler discussion once the film is out.
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