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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

18. Fired Up: C+
19. Fling: C
20. Ask the Dust: D+
21. Mulan: A-
22. The Lovely Bones: B

The Peter Jackson film about a 14yr old girl named Susie Salmon(Saorise Ronan) killed by her neighbor, Mr.Harvey(Stanley Tucci) and how her father(Mark Walberg), her mother(Rachel Weisz) grandmother(Susan Sarandon) and sister(Rose McIver) all cope and deal with this tragic event.

I had to go to IMDB to get the names of both the Salmon daughters as they were new to me. I felt both young ladies gave solid performances in a cast that was full of strong performances frankly. It may be due to some limited screen time but they out shined Sarandon frankly and that's not to diss her performance at all.

I felt the movie was perhaps a bit long. The time spent in the "in between" where Susie essentially is united with the other dead girls Mr.Harvey killed slows the pace of the movie I felt. I also wasn't fully sold on keeping the side high school male love interest as part of the story once Susie died, nor the raven haired girl who lived at "the pit". If her connection to Susie had led to her stopping Harvey from dumping the safe into the pit then having those two around would've clicked more as they served a major purpose in the finale of the film. So editing some if not all of them out from the remainder could've helped along with editing down the "in between".

Still a good film with visuals of the "in between" reminding me a bit of what I saw in the trailers for Life of Pi(which I've not seen). Was a bit surprised to see it's critic and audience RT score as rotten. I don't recall the sentiment at the time on this film so I guess that's why I was surprised.
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