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no more TV in the future? WTF?!

I can't see TV dying out even if complete immersion virtual realities as in holosuites could ever be invented.

Reason one: as a species we've always loved telling and being told stories. When you're taking part in one, fun as it is, you can't actually really concentrate on the story itself, you're missing out on a lot of detail because you're so taken up with your own participation. Holosuites are just a step up from video games. I enjoy the odd video game, but it doesn't beat losing myself in a good book or a great bit of TV.

Reason two: people said nobody'd listen to radio anymore when TV was invented and we still have radios.

Reason three: abolishing TV would kill off two great arts in one go, the art of the cameraman - it's moving photography after all (and they still have holocams!), and that of the actor, since holo characters are simply programmed simulations. I don't like the idea of a future minus that much potential for cultural expression.

Plus after a hard day on duty, I wouldn't want to have to exert myself with a holoprogram (unless we're talking one of Quark's special recommendations maybe) - I'd just want a nice drink and be allowed to passively enjoy an entertaining programme. Like Star Trek...
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