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Re: Star Trip: The ...What? Generation

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That's very, very, different than a minstrel show, which is what I was talking about where white men put on "black face" with exaggerated facial features (RDJ was made to look like an actual black person) and played extreme stereotypes of black people with the intent of the characters BEING BLACK.
It may be different, but that didn't stop some people from being offended and publicly protesting "Tropic Thunder" when it was released in theatres. RDJ may have been made to look like a real black person, but his performance still played on racial stereotypes throughout the entire film.
Put that was the joke. And the Tropic Thunder protests were not over the black-face (the movie was screened in front of a black audience and the NAACP who loved it and approved) it was protested for the "Full Retard" scene.
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