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Re: Higgs Boson Mass points to end of our Universe

newtype_alpha wrote: View Post
I cannot recall how the Standard Model supposedly accounts for that "breaking point" except by making some far-reaching assumptions about the nature of dark energy. I have an impression, however, that those assumptions would be rendered irrelevant by the existence of dark matter, the abundance of which should have counteracted that "breaking point" if it existed at the time.
From what I remember, it is related to dark energy. The sequence is something like:

1. Big Bang
2. Extremely rapid expansion (inflationary period)
3. Long-term deceleration of expansion caused by the gravitational attraction of all matter in the universe to each other
4. Accelerated expansion as the influence of gravity is overtaken by the influence of dark energy (essentially vacuum energy), which intensifies over time

This article goes into some detail about how the deceleration/acceleration was inferred from observational evidence.
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