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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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Oh, jms freely admits that as his main inspiration. LotR and, I think, Arthurian legend. Or was it Greek mythology
More Babylonian mythology.

The Arthurian legend is very apparent even without Late Delivery From Avalon.
The LotR influence is fairly minimal. Indeed, most of it is just shout-outs by way of a few character/place names (some of which were unintentional) and I think one direct quote. Nothing of any real substance or depth.

Plus I'm pretty sure JMS has said that the likes of 'Lensman' & 'Foundation' had a much bigger impact than anything else. Add to that some Rod Sterling, H.P. Lovecraft, Harlan Ellison and, oh yeah, J. Michael Straczynski.
The idea of [spoiler]the elder races leaving to go to the Grey Havens-err, beyond the rim and the protagonist joining them there at the end[/spoiler] is clearly LotR-inspired.
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