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who the fff... put Troi in that outfit??

What is a councillor doing wearing a lilac bodysuitall the time? I mean she's meant to be a Starfleet officer, isn't she, and I suppose councillor falls under medical officer,so why doesn't she wear the uniform?
It's only near the end of season 6, after the brief tenure on the Enterprise of Captain Jellico, who insisted she dress more formally, that she did wear the uniform and it suited her much better. But for practically the entire run of the series (barring the odd attractive evening gown) she goes round in this ridiculous number that you might wear doing yoga down the gym. Plus the front was cut so low you'd be in danger of dropping your eyes down her cleavage. How's any normal male meant to take psychological advice from anyone dressed like that? How would you ever concentrate?? What I'm saying is it seems unprofessional.
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