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Re: Western genre feature film resurgence 2010-2015

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^^^Still saw enough of them to know you frequently misreport, distort and generally screw up simple descriptions.
And this from the guy who posted such off-base stuff as:
  • Henry Fonda was the hero in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
  • There are rarely Union Civil War veterans as heroes in Westerns
  • Major Dundee wasn't the hero in Major Dundee
  • Wild Bill Hickock's wartime service was never dealt with in a move
  • Vera Cruz was racist because the Gary Cooper character was a former Confederate
  • Duel in the Sun was racist in its treatment of the Pearl character

I think informed readers can make up their minds about who knows what they are talking about.

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But don't be bashful, limiting yourself to a random drive-by potshot. Be brave, explain to us how Justified and Hatfields & McCoys and Django Unchained are Westerns. If it makes you bolder, I won't respond to your post either.
No thanks.

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