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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Trek Movie Report and Aint it cool news had announced last year that it was Khan after hearing the news from reliable sources.
Unnamed sources.
Which they seemed to trust enough to make such a big announcement. Even if it was a slow news day, Trek Movie report hasn't been on the ball with news that much in recent times but for something like this they were and seemed to be confirming the claim made by AICN rather than reporting it.

Of course IT'S STILL RUMOR but there is nothing yet that proves that it isn't Khan.
Again, that's getting the burden of proof entirely backwards. There's nothing that proves there isn't an invisible pink elephant levitating behind me right now, but that doesn't mean it would be rational of me to believe there was.
Well that's one way to see it. Another way is that you see a bunch of people running away and screaming from something behind you then you might run with them too before turning around as you might consider some people to have some good sense and...journalistic integrity.

And I've seen the clip where Alice Eve says "It's not Khan," and it's completely off the cuff and unthinking.
She's an actress. People lie, the faster the less obvious they think it will be read. But i'm not saying she did lie or that there is a pink elephant behind her.

If some real evidence comes along pointing to Khan, of course I'll reassess the probabilities, because that's what a sensible person does. It's not about beliefs or hopes or deceptive things like that; it's about estimating probabilities based on the evidence.
So again i'm speculating that from the trailers we see a guy with superhuman strength. A guy named John Harrison, a background character who was featured in an episode called 'Space Seed' which was our introduction to Khan.
Now just based on some of those things I can still speculate that it's Khan. I didn't just pull it out of my ass and outright proclaim that "it definitely is or isn't" because this is a movie where people's expectations will be played with and JJ Abrams is known for keeping things under wraps. I think a few red herrings will pop up from time to time.

Anyway, it's a silly thing to waste time arguing over, because the movie will be out within three months and then we'll actually know.
Actually it's not released here until September.
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