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Re: Twelth doctor cast?

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Or...if the BBC "retires" the series before we even reach a 13th incarnation.
They tried that once. It came back.

Even if this incarnation of Doctor Who doesn't make it to a fourteenth Doctor, I think it's inevitable that there will be another revival, even if it takes another decade and a half or more. DW is an institution, and its very nature makes it endlessly revivable and reinventable.
I'm actually glad you posted that rebuttal. It's one of the most "open ended" concepts ever created. If the show were canceled tomorrow, if enough time passed that everyone currently involved with the show right now, actors and production crew, were to grow old and pass away, the concept could still be revived like some benevolent Frankenstein's Monster. I just hope if the show is dropped in a couple of years, I'll still be around and lucid enough to enjoy it when it is eventually revived.

Nah, I just stated what I did because I get tired about this regeneration limit business.


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