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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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The idea that new canon overwrites old canon no longer works. Star Trek with all it's different productions is in comic book land with the different series not agreeing with each other. It's saving grace is the ever present alternate / multi-universes that is part of all the series. Even the Abrams Star Trek movie taps into that.
But it does still work like that - just ask Christopher, he writes the tie-in novels which, while non-canon themselves, are very much required by CBS to conform to the current version of the Trekverse.
Just like whatever production happens to be going on will generally conform to the current interpretation, spawning it's own continuity/universe. And when the next series production group/artists come along, their own new interpretation. Just like comic books. Which no longer overwrites itself because like comic books it is too sprawling to do so anymore.

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You can look at TOS in isolation and argue nomenclature and different interpretations of it all day long, but I guarentee you there won't be an official Trek product now that calls the Original Series Enterprise anything but "Constitution class."
There's a ton of "official" Trek products that gets all sorts of details wrong. So what? That's why we have a Tech Trek subforum

Now back to "Constitution Class" - it technically isn't wrong to call the TOS Enterprise that from a 24th century stand-point, even in isolation of TOS as there is some evidence to suggest that it at one time belonged to it.

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Just like the first Starship Enterprise is now Jonathan Archer's ship from the Enterprise TV series,
I think Timo gave a better argument, but where does it say that?

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and James T. Kirk's father was first officer of the USS Kelvin as established in Star Trek.
Was he ever not the first officer of a ship in other series?

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"Starship class" is obsolete in the greater Trek universe
You are mixing "obsolete" as in "no longer in use" with "over-writing" or "re-writing" as in "a new story alters the previous story's details". "Starship class" is obsolete in the Trek story simply because the TMP Enterprise, aka "Enterprise Class", was upgraded from it after TOS. The TUC Enterprise is a different ship from the destroyed TWOK Enterprise and it's a "Constitution Class". The 24th century stories refer to the Enterprise as "Constitution Class" based likely on it's final form. Just like most 24th century stories refer to Captain Kirk and omit his time as Admiral Kirk. There is no "over-writing" involved here.

Are there times when there is a contradiction in other details? Of course. And in the greater Trek universe, it is big enough to hold multiple universes and continuities and all it's infinite variations. Just check out "Parallels"

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These things happen, it's not a crime.
Why do you think it's a crime? We have a difference in interpretation.
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