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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Back to STVI. Chang was dead after the first torpedo hit. The bridge blew up, the ship was crippled and no threat. Yet Kirk and Sulu kept firing until the ship was destroyed - executing the rest of the crew needlessly.
How would they know Chang was on the bridge?

Chang fired on them, first. The shots to the Klingon ship came in quick succession. Frankly, the point was not to disable the ship, but to destroy it. It was a war-like situation.
I personally don't think the right word for the fate of the rest of the crew is "executed." That would insinuate a war crime. It's not like they were trying to surrender and Kirk and Sulu kept firing, anyway. (If Klingons do surrender.)

On another note, let's not forget that Kirk offered to beam the survivors of the Romulan ship he had just fought over to the Enterprise in "Balance of Terror".
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