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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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I agree it's unlikely. But I worry that if we did get a streaming original Trek series that was more or less in line with network broadcast standards, it might flop.
I think if such a series flopped, it would have less to do with it being in line with network broadcast standards and more to do with it being too expensive to produce and not having a big enough audience to justify that expense even on a streaming platform. The alternative is to make a Trek series as cheaply as possible so its returns will always be bigger than its investment.
And that would probably be the end for at least another decade, if not forever.
I definitely wouldn't say forever, because things tend to be reinvented for a new audience over time, and I definitely can see Trek being periodically reinvented every so often as long as there's some form of onscreen entertainment (we probably wouldn't recognize it 40 years from now, though).
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