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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

As I see it, streaming models will have more in common with subscription channels than network broadcast in terms of their demographics, and thus in terms of their content also. I think this could spell trouble for a proposed Trek show planning to use the streaming model. House of Cards, for example, could not be broadcast as is on network television - too much profanity, nudity, etc. That kind of material could only be broadcast on a subscription service, whether through a box under your TV or through your modem.

And I think that the success and cultural penetration of those shows - The Sopranos, The Wire, even Sex and the City and Curb - has changed the expectations of the audiences using those models. Arrested Development is the only streaming-only show I know of that could in theory be broadcast on network TV. Now, while it is 50% of all the streaming-only shows I can name (HoC being the other one) I think it's worth noting that AD is a show that itself couldn't survive on network TV. What demand for it there was existed, sure, but not in enough numbers to be economically viable.

So while Trek might appear to be in a similar position to AD and thus potentially ripe for a return, I'm more skeptical. I think Trek's traditional network-safe style will likely not appeal to the demographics that the streaming providers will be courting - even if a large chunk of that demo are in fact fans of previous incarnations of Star Trek.

Assuming I'm right, what would people think of a Trek show adapted to the expectations of the audience in question? Could Trek still be Trek if it had profanity? Nudity?

Part of me thinks it would be awesome and part of me thinks it would be terrible. And CBS would never allow it. But it might possibly be the only way we'd ever get new serialised Star Trek again.
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