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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Apollo. He spent centuries on Pollux IV waiting for Earth humans to develop the technology with which to travel to the stars.
B is for Balok. Commander of the Flagship Fesarius of the First Federation.
C is for Capellans, masters of the kligat and furry hats.
D is for "Double Dumb Ass on you!"
E is for Enterprise CVN-65, secretly boarded by Chekov and Uhura so they could collect photons from the vessel's nuclear reactor.
F is for Federation Funny Farm.
G is for Gorn Hegemony.
H is for Hirogen hunting party.
I is for Intrepid-class starship. With it's top-secret shuttlecraft replicator.
J is for Jazz, played regularly at Sisko's Restaurant in New Orleans.
K is for Kolinahr. The Vulcan ritual through which all emotion is finally shed.
L is for Lateral Ablative Armor.
M is for Mother! Spock failed to save his.
N is for Narendra III.
O is for Organians took our guns!
P is for Pah-Wraiths, released by Gul Dukat, but put back in their place in the Fire Caves.
Q is for Quantum Gobbledegook.
R is for Resistance. Its futile.
S is for Spock's Brain.
T is for T'Pol's.............bum.
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