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Re: How long does it take to traverse the UFP?

...Quite a contrast with Kivas Fajo and his warp three yacht that was only doing 0.102 ly per day!

In DS9, Kasidy Yates also operates an old freighter:

Odo: "Five months ago, Captain Yates was hired by the Bajorans to carry cargo to their outlying colonies. One of her regular runs is from Bajor to a colony on Dreon Seven. It's a twelve hour run for most ships, but she always takes eighteen. The six hour difference is just enough time to allow her to make a side trip into the Badlands, rendezvous with a Maquis ship and then continue on to the Dreon System."
In twelve hours, a freighter goes from star to "outlying" star and back. That must be in the same ballpark as "Face of the Enemy", and is well in line with the idea that freighters (which Scotty thought were categorically limited to warp 2 in "Friday's Child"!) can hop from star to star in commercially meaningful time. Having warp drives be a hundred times faster on the average than the backstage books suggest is no problem, and indeed is something of a requirement. And see what this does to the eight-week distance between Bajor and Cestus at maximum speed... Eight times fifteen ly is already an acceptable 120 ly for targets that lie at the opposite ends of the UFP, if we go by the "small UFP" model apparently heavily favored in modern Trek. Anything less would be very, very bad - but this is freighter maximum speed, and the heroes can thus travel faster between these locations and meet the dramatic requirements easily enough.

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