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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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Majel Barrett wanted Gene Roddenberry to write a Mrs Troi sitcom, no SPFX needed, set on Earth, and guest-starring Marina Sirtis and perhaps Michael Dorn. She was serious.

But would that be Star Trekky enough for most fans? I doubt it.
(It also would have guest starred Majel as her mother, of course.)

I would watch it, but I'm weird that way. It would need to have natural comedic moments within the Trek universe rather than turning the Trek universe into an a farce. There are plenty of examples of humor within Trek that struck the right chord.

The problem with the TNG-era shows is each one was hyped as breaking the mold, but none of them really fell that far from the tree. I guess DS9 came the closest, but I found the characters patently unlikeable, starting with Avery Brooks' robotic attempt at Shakespearean delivery. So I don't buy the idea that everything that could be tried, has been tried.

There are still other ways to refresh the franchise besides comic-bookizing it the way JJ did.
Star Trek: Earhart
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