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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
I'm sure CBS has very good reasons not to support Netflix with original Star Trek movies
CBS wouldn't be able to anyway, since Paramount has the movie rights. Paramount has no motive to cheapen their brand with anything but first run tentpole movies that make big profits.
But CBS can make episodes. You were talking about Netflix for a TV series, were you not?

The TV industry is evolving so much that what was true in the past is irrelevant.
No matter what they decide to do within USA, they still need to consider their international markets. Everyone predicted Australia to follow USA's lead with cable TV, albeit about a decade behind, but we didn't really. Our population is too small.

Netflix came up with $100m for 26 episodes of House of Cards, so they don't need to be international to afford pricey original series as long as their subscribers value it. According to Netflix, that experiment was a success (though the real test will come in April when they release their financials since they aren't providing details now.)

Ummm, one quick glance: "House of Cards" doesn't appear to be science fiction, by the look of those clothes and that set. $100m wouldn't go that far starting up a new ST series.

Keep in mind that in a subscription based service, one viewer is worth more than in an ad-based system, where Star Trek has always been. A Netflix Star Trek series could justify its existence with a smaller audience than on broadcast.
Okay, be greedy. Keep "Star Trek" in the USA.

but a TV series could be distinctly different in its approach.
Sure: and Majel Barrett wanted Gene Roddenberry to write a Mrs Troi sitcom, no SPFX needed, set on Earth, and guest-starring Marina Sirtis and perhaps Michael Dorn. She was serious.

But would that be Star Trekky enough for most fans? I doubt it.
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