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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Exactly. Some of the people that are complaining about actors being rude to them probably need to take some time and reflect on why.
First of all so far as I know none of the actors who attend conventions are being forced to do so.

Further more while certainly some people's expectations are unrealistic, in many cases I don't believe they are.
You're right, they're paid to be there. However, they're not paid to politely deal with people that don't consider the actors feelings or artistic integrity. Like I said before, if an actor is rude to's probably because you did something that was inconsiderate.
That is specious logic on a par with "If a cop shoots someone they were probably doing something to deserve it."

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Also, being disappointed with an actor is much more likely if you put them on a pedestal. A lot of trek fans engage in what I'd call "people worship", and so therefore it makes it incredibly hard for them to live up to your expectations.

I'm one of those people that has zero interest in meeting actors from Trek and getting their autographs. Such things don't mean anything to me, and paying money for a quick hello and handshake is silly. So my perspective is very different than a lot of Trek fans.
I think that keeping ones expectations realistic is a very good idea. And I certainly don't fancy spending money for a grip and grin myself either.

However that does not change the fact that just because it's not what you or I would do, does not mean that those who do choose it are completely without validity to report back in some cases that they had a negative experience.

I don't think that expecting basic civility from a professional entertainer is too much, and clearly there are times when some of those entertainers have not managed said civility.
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