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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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How the hell do they get the pointed tip on the Starfleet sideburns, anyway? I found it impossible to line the razor up so I gave up.
I used to get my mother to do mine in the Starfleet style in the early 80s. And after I grew them purposefully, I went to do the Andorian again - and had to race out and buy white pancake makeup to cover my pointed sideburns.

Re TOS sideburns: There was supposedly a "studio barber" the actors were sent to, and I've also read interviews with Fred Phillips where he mentions trimming the sideburns in the makeup chair, but...

Did you know that John Winston (Transporter Chief Kyle) was a professional Hollywood barber when not called in for acting work? A friend has a pet theory that he was probably Gene Coon's regular barber, since all(?) of Mr Kyle's episodes have Coon's credit on them. Perhaps John Winston was the barber who did all the Starfleet points for TOS, or was the go-to man whenever Desilu Studios needed a barber?

I've tried to track down Mr Winston for interviews quite a few times: he is... elusive. Just after his ST II appearance, he was no longer registered with the Screen Actors' Guild. I know he did a ST fanfilm a few years ago, but he never did a "Starlog" interview. One of TOS and ST II's mystery men.

(He even came here, to Australia, in the 70s and did an episode of "The Evil Touch", which our TV mags mentioned at the time.)
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