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I was imagining that the Great Link, as the governing body of the Dominion, was more akin to the U.S. Congress. Every member participates, but even if they're overruled or outvoted, they're part of the decision making.
But not every member participates! It's very common for Members of Congress to miss votes, or to refrain from voting. What of Founders who do the equivalent of voting "Present?"

And do you honestly hold all Members equally responsible for U.S. policy? Do you hold responsible Members who, for instance, voted against authorizing the invasion of Iraq?

Or, as all military leaders are legitimate military targets, and the Founders are the final authority in the Dominion, including in matters military, they are legitimate targets in a war.
You've argued time and again that I'm unreasonably applying humanoid social paradigms to the Founders, but I would argue you are doing the same. The need to preserve a species overrides the assumption that a military leader is a legitimate target when that "military leader" consists of an entire species.

I can't see how you would imagine there are changelings existing in the Great Link that somehow aren't involved in the decision making process.
Very simple: I presume that some Founders are different than others, and that these differences occur across a spectrum of involvement -- from "actively involved" to "apathetic." It's completely plausible that some Founders are completely apathetic and do not voice any opinions whatsoever in the decision-making process. And we know, canonically, that there have been Founders who are mentally undeveloped as a result of youth.

What are they doing instead - watching TV? Playing video games? Picking their underwear out of their non-existent butt cheeks?
Recreational shapeshifting? Writing novels? Reading? Painting? They're Founders -- they can do anything they want.

For a society to have civilians, there has to be something for those civilians to do. What would civilian Founders do?
What do Federation citizens do all day?

They exist as an ocean of goo in constant telepathic connection with all the other changelings.
Do you really think that's all they do all day?

The Founders can take humanoid form, but they are radically non-humanoid, and to apply all the rules of humanoid society to their alien society is ridiculous.
I agree. Which is why any conclusions I've drawn about Founder society are taken from implications in the canon. And why I've rejected the idea of applying the "military leaders=legitimate targets" concept to them.

Then why try to force Bashir to keep from developing a cure? Why try to stop him from distributing a cure when they believed he'd developed one?
I don't know, and really it's less important than whether the Great Link is a legitimate target.
It speaks to the plausibility of the idea of Section 31 infecting the Founders merely in order to extract concession and with no actual genocidal intention. You can't defend Section 31 by saying, "Well, they didn't really mean to commit genocide" and then say that a hole in that hypothesis is less important than the question of legitimate targets.

Would it have been preferable to use a spread of photon torpedoes rather than a virus? Do you object to the method, or to the attack in general?

The attack in general, obviously. The Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar's plan in "The Die is Cast" and Garak's genocidal plot in "Broken link" are just as objectionable.
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