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Re: Going Veggie

^That's what I always thought... it ain't a hamburger. No matter how good you make it sound, it just ain't a hamburger. I love them marinated, so to me, it would just be a bigger version of something I already love. The "baby bellas" are much less expensive, so I always buy them.

I should have taken a photo, but this weekend I made fajitas. Wait, don't hate! Instead of beef or my usual chicken... I used my fajita sauce-marinated baby bellas.

1 pint baby bellas, quartered & marinated in fajita sauce
1 pint sliced bell peppers, red & orange & yellow (I'm allergic to green peppers)
1/2 red onion
1 tablespoon minced garlic
6-10 flour tortilla shells

Place peppers in hot skillet, cook until it sweats (begins to get soft)
Add red onion & minced garlic
Cook until liquid is almost gone
Add marinated mushrooms
Continue to cook until mixture is HOT (add more fajita sauce until desired consistency is reached
Spoon onto warmed flour tortilla & roll it up
Eat until tummy aches... hey, that's what I do!
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