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Relayer1 wrote: View Post
I'm a bit taken aback that my brief post could be viewed as unfriendly - it was just short and factual. Rereading it, however, it could seem a bit aggressive. Sorry - my fault.

It is, however, an issue that some people who just avoid red meat call themselves veggie when they are nothing of the sort. I'm sick of people offering me chicken or fish when I say I'm vegetarian. Its not hard to understand, but the waters are getting muddied.

Meat eaters are very welcome to enjoy and discuss vegetarian food. Some cruelty free food is actually rather nice !
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thestrangequark wrote: View Post
We can all enjoy a good fungus, though.
Well, mushrooms maybe... but I draw the line at toe jam...

Seriously, I keep seeing portabello mushrooms substituted for hamburger meat in the "hamburger'. Has anyone had both experiences to compare the two? To be honest, I haven't had the courage to try it yet, although I love mushrooms. I love to marinate "baby bellas". Of course, share your favorite recipes!
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