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Re: Twelth doctor cast?

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I'm just wondering if they'll remember to do the origin of the Valeyard when the time comes for 12 to regenerate into 13.
I have a feeling the Valeyard will never be mentioned ever again.
I don't see why not, since they have revived quite a few previously corny 'classic' villans over the past years. Plus, we have see hints of him with the Dreamlord. To that end, we have seen the Doctor get darker then he ever got in the classic series so it is very concievable that as a means to rid himself of increasing darkness, his body somehow expelled the darkness in his 13th regeneration thus forming the Dreamlord/Valeyard. We have seen a similar 3rd person entity before with 'the watcher' when the 4th Doctor regenerated although he was mergeing in not out.
While I think writers will (and should) continue to explore the darker sides of the Doctor, I don't think the Valeyard as a character/concept is going to happen. I think the closest we will get was the Dream Lord.

I think its just an idea that will remain with the classic series. I don't have a logical reason, other than its a corny name, it's been done. The Valeyard isn't iconic. Not in the way the Daleks, Cyberman, The Master, the Silurians are.

I think it's a character that's almost to fanwankery to bring back. And I love me the Sixth Doctor.

The Valeyard and the Rani... I just don't see either of them making an appearance. I don't know what purpose it would serve.

Sure, if there's the right story... but... Doctor Who isn't about continuity, and the Valeyard is a continuity specific character... "the darker aspects between this and this incarnation" which implies they HAVE to do it... but, the general audience the BBC is serving doesn't care, doesn't remember.

Bring the icons back, create new villains. No Valeyard, No Rani, and no ZYGONS. I have NO idea why they are always a demand to bring back. Weren't they only in ONE serial?
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