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Re: The luckiest guy in TOS

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It might be interesting for someone to come up with a statistic like for baseball. Number of screen deaths per x number of appearances and compare black and white actors with otherwise similar demographics.
Why should "someone" come up with these stats? Because you have some particular axe to grind? We're supposedly living in an enlightened world were sex and race don't matter. Yet I repeatedly see proclamations of "first woman this", "first black that", "first latino whatever." Now tell me who is racist and sexist here? Give people more credit for their personal achievements than some arbitrary and politically correct pigeonhole.
Merely collecting historical data of television programs isn't "racist" or "sexist". There's no implication of approval in studying the way things were.

Historians collect all kinds of data. Would you accuse people who study the progress of civil rights of being either racist or sexist? That's absurd.

On the other hand, people who distort or suppress history would seem to have axes to grind.
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