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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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^Burden of proof. We have several pieces of evidence pointing to not-Khan. We had only one statement from a cast member suggesting Gary Mitchell, with no corroboration. We have zero evidence pointing to Khan, because rumors are not evidence. Given a choice between multiple conflicting hypotheses, the one that has several corroborating pieces of evidence (including the actual name of the character in official press releases, for gods' sake) is obviously preferable over one that has only a single unsubstantiated claim or one that has nothing but rumor to support it.
Trek Movie Report and Aint it cool news had announced last year that it was Khan after hearing the news from reliable sources. I take everything with a large pinch of salt from AICN but Trek Movie Report less so. Of course IT'S STILL RUMOR but there is nothing yet that proves that it isn't Khan. We've played these "it's not such and such a villain" in other movies before. So until I see the movie and until there's no big reveal that "oh my God this boring named guy Harrison who has super human strength is Khan!" then I will believe that it might or might not be Khan. There is still Zero evidence to say it ISN'T KHAN. Or if you would like to take the word of Simon Pegg who played a game and convinced his twitter followers one time that he might be dead then go ahead and take it at face value.

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