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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

I'm sure CBS has very good reasons not to support Netflix with original Star Trek movies
CBS wouldn't be able to anyway, since Paramount has the movie rights. Paramount has no motive to cheapen their brand with anything but first run tentpole movies that make big profits.

CBS does has a motive to work with Netflix or Amazon on TV series in genres that couldn't survive on broadcast and may not appeal to premium cable, but might thrive on streaming. That motive is that the TV business is changing and smart companies need to get out in front of that change by figuring out how they are going to stay in business when the current ad supported TV system vanishes or evolves beyond recognition.

CBS is partnering with Amazon to do a test with Under the Dome, and it's no surprise that that is a sci fi series, just the type that struggles on broadcast but could thrive on streaming.

And, as I said, Netflix is not an international phenomenon - and external sales have been an essential part of what makes ST viable.
The TV industry is evolving so much that what was true in the past is irrelevant. Netflix came up with $100m for 26 episodes of House of Cards, so they don't need to be international to afford pricey original series as long as their subscribers value it. According to Netflix, that experiment was a success (though the real test will come in April when they release their financials since they aren't providing details now.)

Keep in mind that in a subscription based service, one viewer is worth more than in an ad-based system, where Star Trek has always been. A Netflix Star Trek series could justify its existence with a smaller audience than on broadcast.

Which is okay because the TV business is headed for greater niche-ification, where shows need to cater to the specific tastes of subscribers anyway. It's the opposite trend from movies, which is all about blanding everything down to broad tastes (which is what kirk55555 is talking about.) the movies aren't going to be any different from what we're seeing now, but a TV series could be distinctly different in its approach.

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