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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

He said: "We're in the middle of 'Star Trek' so to think about 'Star Wars' and the release date, all of that's far less of a concern than making a movie that's worth your time."
"In the middle of Star Trek?" Into Darkess is over two and a half months away from its theatrical release. He should be a lot further along than "in the middle."

What the hell have these ass clowns been doing? They spend three years telling everyone the script would be done "by the end of the month," delaying the movie's release date by an entire year, and now two months from release date they're only in the middle?

These jackasses are squandering the Trek franchise. This is why we need a Trek traditionalist back in the fold calling the shots. At least people like Berman and Braga got scripts done on time and never delayed release dates. I guarantee, September 2002 Nemesis was further along than in the middle.
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