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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

I'd love to see Direct to DVD stuff with real Star Trek. Written by people who didn't write Transformers, and in the real universe. Give the budget of a TV episode (or maybe two) and bring some of the actors in (although perferably don't have the writers/producers behind ENT involved, I actually liked a lot of what I saw of ENT, but it was a pretty weak series). Since JJ killed the movie (and probably TV) aspects of Trek, I'd like to see some real live action trek someday. An official Trek live action project with decent actors, a story not written by idiots, and without lensflares would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, at this point, I might as well wish for Godzilla to rise out of the ocean and eat JJ Abrams. Live action Trek now exists for the same reason Transformers movies get made. JJ's Trek is mindless, poorly written action movies with a Star Trek skin on top, and its what live action Trek will stay, since (like Transformers) it makes money, even if a 5 year old could write/direct a better trek movie.
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