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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
But there are all new opportunities that could work instead, it just takes someone with the vision and guts to take a chance.
I'm sure CBS has very good reasons not to support Netflix with original Star Trek movies. (Unless CBS has shares in Netflix?) And, as I said, Netflix is not an international phenomenon - and external sales have been an essential part of what makes ST viable.

Similarly, in the 60s NBC had financial interests in the then-fledgling color TV industry, hence TOS's use of primary colours to sell TVs.

The model Paramount used with TNG pre-sold the international rights to companies like CIC-Taft, which was the Australian home video arm of Paramount Australia.

I really don't know how you envisage a ST that uses minimal SPFX - and whether much of the fanbase are going to be riveted to a ST series with scripts deliberately written to require little in the way of alien makeups and costuming, expensive sets and things that need CGI work. I also seem to recall lots of fans complaining any time ST scheduled a "bottle show" to save money.

"Vision and guts" is fine, but cheapened-down ST is going to be seen for what it is.
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