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I think Maul would be hard to explain to those who have only seen the films while Ventress would be a blank slate to those without a history of her.
I don't think either scenario is insurmountable. It wouldn't take much to explain that Maul was restored by dark side magic. Plus Maul remains a very visible figure in Star Wars, due to the recent Phantom Menace 3-D, the Clone Wars cartoon, and other media.

With Ventress, being a blank slate for a new movie could be a benefit. Her back story won't have to be explained in much detail anyway. If she does come back, I could see her as Sith Lord in her own right and the other Star Wars films have gotten along fairly well without exploring much history for Palpatine, Maul, or Dooku.
But Ventress' story arc in TCW has taken her in a different direction of late. She's even trying to get pardoned. Wouldn't it be convoluted to have her go back to "evil" status in the end?
I don't think so. Similar to her last comics arc, Ventress is in a gray area so far on the show. She could go either way. There are strains of goodness in her but there is still the darkness too. A Ventress who has struggled between the light and dark and eventually chosen the dark could be a very dangerous villain indeed.
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