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I don't know, and really it's less important than whether the Great Link is a legitimate target. The Section 31 agents, on behalf of the Federation (though without their consent) acted to deploy a weapon against the leadership of the Dominion. Would it have been preferable to use a spread of photon torpedoes rather than a virus? Do you object to the method, or to the attack in general?
I'm pretty sure he's objecting to the use of genocide, so no changing the method of a POINTLESS genocide would probably not make it better what with it being a freaking war crime.

Especially since the federation got off damned lucky from this idiotic plan seeing as the Dominion could have responded by burning the entire Alpha Quadrant down in a massive revenge kamikaze attack.

And no one incident where the Jem'Hadar group's inability to save the founder meant a mission failure (as in no victory no life) gives an accurate prediction of what would happen if all the founder's died.
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