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Re: Divisions, Insignia, Uniforms and Assignment Patches

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Oh, that's a brilliant find, GSchnitzer. Thanks. I'll be watching for more like that. Behind the scenes, then, were the patches removable from the shirts, or were they permanently sown on?
The costumes, by SAG rules, had to be laundered each night (so that actors weren't forced to wear old sweaty, smelly costumes). The patches and braid had to be removed, since the costumes (especially the old velour ones) would shrink somewhat, and the fabric would have puckered under the patch/braid. So the patches/braid were removed each night and sewn on each morning. Mistakes happened a couple of times with the resewing That's also why there were a lot of ensigns and lieutenants: it's easier to sew on no braid whatsoever (or just one row) than it is to sew on multiple rows or those annoying little dashes. .
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