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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Yeah, you're right. Two excellent TOS numbered novels (Dreadnought and Battlestations) basically starred a woman named Piper, who was created for the books and survived both of them. The Titan books that I've read have Commander Vale (who, looking on memory beta, wasn't created in the Titan books but was book created), who I thought was an interesting character. I also remember Ingrit Tomson as TOS security chief in several books, including Demons, which was very good. Thinking about it, while it wasn't really common there were a lot of books that had made up characters that had important roles, and some even made multiple appearances. That has seemed to become more common in time. Still, there have been several characters like the maquis woman in TBS, were they seem to be created just so someone the reader kind of knows can die, and not just a random red/gold shirt. Thats not a bad thing, its just something i've noticed. I guess the character in The Black Shore just stuck out to me as someone who was going to die.
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