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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

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I don't think either Argo or Zero Dark Thirty are anything but average thrillers getting attention for their subject matter (and in the case of Argo, for making Hollywood feel good about itself). Zero Dark Thirty bored the hell out of me. It recreated the events, but why? I saw no depth, no emotional resonance, and I didn't get the impression that the movie was saying anything. I just kept thinking "Why should I care? Just shoot him already and finish the damn movie."
I will agree Zero Dark is a bit overrated, but I still thought it was fascinating to watch how all the pieces were put together to find Bin Laden, and all the resources and dedication such a thing required.

Much like with the excellent United 93 movie, just the fact it's chronicling such a huge and important event makes it more than riveting enough. At least for me.

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It's not the awards themselves that cause the Oscars to run late. It's all the stuff in between. I'm looking at you Not Particularly Effect Bond Celebration Music thingy.
Yeah, it just baffles me why they insist on having so many endless "musical tributes" on this show. People are tuning in to see the stars and awards, and to laugh at a few jokes. We don't need all this other crap.
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