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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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I loved that they let Castle go so dark in the search for his daughter that he "reasoned" the farmhouse location from the driver.
I hated that part, because it reinforced the dangerous lie that torture is actually effective at getting useful information out of interrogation subjects. There are countless interrogation experts who agree that that's just not true, that there are far more reliable ways, involving making a connection with the subject, winning their trust, offering them positive incentives to talk. Torture generally makes it harder, not easier, to get reliable intelligence.
While I agree with everything you say and regret the decision to allow Castle to use torture (it's understandable that a man in Castle's position would do it to save his daughter, but Kate should have prevented it, even with the Captain essentially giving them carte blanche), I don't think it's unbelievable in this case that the guy would instantly give up the correct information. He's not a soldier, spy, or true believer, he's just a petty criminal turned hired gun, and since he presumably already got paid for his part he doesn't have any reason to show his former employers any loyalty, especially after taking a bullet for his troubles. I think once Castle established that he was going to cross a line the police wouldn't, that was enough for him to spill the beans.

Granted, you run the risk of him saying anything his interrogator wants just to prevent further torture, but at that point it was basically that or nothing, so Castle weighed the risk of getting false information.

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Well for all you know, Rick just poked his belly where he was shot. Wouldn't necessarily call it 'torture' since the dude was already in a lot of pain and scared shitless even before that point - basically it's like when you ask your buddy where you're going and he keeps going "it's a secret man!" and it isn't until you annoy the hell out of him or keep poking him or something that he goes "Alright alright already we're going to a frat party!" or something.

Guy was probably scared that Castle WOULD do something nasty instead of just poking him. Or he hit him in the nuts...
In what world is poking someone in a bullet wound NOT considered "torture" or "nasty"? Jesus. You seriously think it's no different from poking your buddy in his non-wounded stomach to get him to go to a party?

C'mon this is Castle we're talking about - he's got a dark side that's also inspired by comic books, movies and tv shows - BUT he's also got a light side that's inspired by the same thing. He's driven but he probably has it in his head that this is "Liam Neeson" moment where he uses all the skills he learned at Beckett's side to save his daughter, just like a character from one of his novels.
I think the purpose behind showing the torture in this case is to contrast it with the lengths
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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