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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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But changing the insignia every few years to honor a certain ship? I don't think so.
Concur. I always thought that idea was ridiculous.
"Ridiculous" like in the Lexington's actual captain can't handle a simulator-tested war game excercise and needed to relinquish command to Commodore Wesley? Not exactly, what I'd call a morale booster for the Lexington's crew seeing their captain being pushed aside for a trivial excercise...
We don't know what happened to the captain of the Lexington, if anything. I don't believe I've said what I think happened to him. For all we know, he was retiring, got promoted, was KIA, went insane, etc., etc.

And let's take a good look at the teaser to The Ultimate Computer. Kirk and Spock were both surprised to have Wesley beam aboard. If the Lexington was Bob's ship, where was she? Certainly not in scanning range of the space station!

What's ridiculous is that the crew of the Enterprise were Starfleet's very Mary Sues, the lot of them. Sure, we identify with them because they are the main characters, but at some point, the only-ship-in-the-quadrant trope became ridiculous. If that's the way it really was, then everyone else could have just stayed home, except when they're needed to stand in front of a phaser.
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