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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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And a note to the NFL: Leave the Dodgers alone and don't make them move. Linky
There is no way that the Dodgers could be forced to move, considering they own Dodger Stadium outright and the NFL would have no standing to force them to abandon the location. They could have a dumptruck full of money put on their front lawn by the NFL, but the only thing that can actually force the Dodgers to move is the Dodgers themselves.

Traffic at Chavez Ravine is already ridiculous, though, due to the way the roads are constructed. There's no logistical way to fit another stadium in that area, especially because you'd need to rip up Dodger Stadium's parking lots, and now the ridiculous deal that Frank McCourt got for himself comes into play, as he owns 50 percent of the share in the lots and nothing can be developed on them without his consent.

The only arrangement that could work out here is if the NFL team rented use of the stadium from Guggenheim Partners, and even that comes with its own set of hurdles, like converting it from a Saturday baseball game to a Sunday football stadium.
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