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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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I find all this talk of regulation Starfleet sideburns rather amusing considering Captain Kirk's.
Exactly. Pine is very early-21st century in his haircut and all. In ST09, Quinto had sideburns that looked like he had spitcurls that were formed into the shape and could be combed out to look like regular sideburns when the gel was washed out and they were combed straight.

The funny thing is how in TOS, the sideburns went from "Starfleet short" in 1966 to "Starfleet long" by season three to reflect the late-1960s style. Shatner shows it best. Even if you can't see his increased girth or different tunic, you can tell it's season three by the length of his sideburns.
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