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Re: RDM interview in a military blog (in 4 parts)

It doesn't bother me that a show doesn't have a set storyline to be followed as if they were orders from god. The new BSG was an amazing show and kept me interested throughout its entire run. There were some rough patches, but there isn't a single show that doesn't have them. In the end, it became one of my favorite shows and I hope to be able to see more of that universe. Caprica was great, Blood & Chrome was decent (although I didn't care for the second half when it turned into BSG without any brains).

Also I loved the ending, it was a satisfying conclusion to the series and couldn't have hoped for anything better. I know some people don't like it, but some people are just haters and can never be happy. That's why they try to ruin it for other people. I don't like Glee, but I don't bitch about it constantly and tear apart anything said by the creator like a stalker ex-girlfriend.
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