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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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But changing the insignia every few years to honor a certain ship? I don't think so.
Concur. I always thought that idea was ridiculous.
"Ridiculous" like in the Lexington's actual captain can't handle a simulator-tested war game excercise and needed to relinquish command to Commodore Wesley? Not exactly, what I'd call a morale booster for the Lexington's crew seeing their captain being pushed aside for a trivial excercise...

@ BillJ

If you seriously want to uphold your accusation that I "act like everyone else is idiots for daring to think differently" you better come up with some evidence, especially since the amount of remarks and ridicule at my expense suggest the opposite is true.

Just because I offer different interpretations and suggestions and thus apparently don't agree with the "moral majority" doesn't mean I think everyone else is an idiot.
Obviously there is a difference how we interpret canon and draw conclusion from the hints or evidence at hand.

"The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth" Jean-Luc Picard
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