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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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I recommend to take a look at post # 65 and my suggestions.
Unless these, too, fall under the category of heresy and merit my persecution by the Holy Inquisition of the Church of Constitution.
Nah, there's no heresy. But changing the insignia every few years to honor a certain ship? I don't think so. Besides being a PITA, it seems like a real morale killer. And who decides who's most deserving? Imagine if the US Army at the end of WW2 said, "OK, we've decided the 101st Airborne Division was the top division in the war. Everybody will get rid of their old patch and wear the 101st AB patch for the next five years." Too bad, Big Red One! Nice try, 82nd Airborne! Maybe next time, Spearhead!

I think it would be more negative than positive.

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