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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

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If they're really interested in trimming the fat and speeding things up, do they really need to explain, year after year, the significance of each of the various categories. I've been watching the Oscars my entire life and, honestly, I never need to hear another pretty little speech about the vital importance of Sound Editing or Art Direction or even Screenwriting. ("It all begins with a blank page . . . . ")

Can we just stipulate that the Editing and Musical Composition and Costume Design and rest are all important enough to be honored and get on with it?
Those aren't the things that slows down the Oscars. Someone pointed out on twitter: there are 24 awards. If each award was given 3 minutes of screen time, that's 72 minutes.

If it was broken down, 1 minute to introduce what the award is and who is nominated, that's still two minutes to let the person speak. OR, 2 minutes to introduce the award and then 1 minute for a speech.

It's not the awards themselves that cause the Oscars to run late. It's all the stuff in between. I'm looking at you Not Particularly Effect Bond Celebration Music thingy.
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