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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

There is another tiny but noticable discrepancy between the color close-up photo and the original black & white photo of the original VFX miniature.

In the original miniature the direction triangle is outside the white text frame while in the model reconstruction it is inside and next to the text.

I presume the small print texts on the decal sheet would have gone into the smaller white frames.

I concur, but I'd prefer "Oxygen Vent" over "Ground Lock". The thingies on the wall could be oxygen vents and I think that has a "stay clear" character.
On a pressurized flight deck you try to keep fuse cutters and the like out of this area, while on a decompressed deck you wouldn't want to stay near these vents in an EVA suit.

Might blow you straight from port to starboard.

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