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Re: Braga: "Archer was supposed to be Future Guy"

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Blowing up that colony would have stopped the Xindi. The Federation would no longer be a threat and Enterprise would have been close enough to Earth to repel the probe if it had been launched, which it wouldn't have been. However then the Sphere builders would have renovated the Galaxy... So Archers Xinid adventures could not be sidestepped, and really he needed to step up the time table on that.
That's the one time Future Guy had to help. He has no alternative. Wherever he's from, obviously in the future, a Delphic Expanse would swallow up his homeworld too.

Season 1's "Cold Front" is the puzzler. Why he'd want to prevent the destruction of the Enterprise inside the Great Plume of Agasoria is anyone's guess. Especially since he doesn't intervene at any other time. It could've been destroyed by the Suliban in the cliffhanger to "Shockwave, Part I". Perhaps Future Guy has some incentive that an event in one of those episodes after "Cold Front" still happens? He needed the NX-01 to have a year's worth of voyages, passing through Suliban and Tandaran territory. By "Shockwave" they're suddenly fair game and a valid target again.
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