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And the Reckoning trailer is up.

I'm assuming the male Turian isn't a new kit and is just there to show off the new female one. I mean we already have five (?) male Turians, no need to waste a kit on a sixth. It seems the Talon mercenary is a human and the armour looks to be (mostly) derived from Zaeed's. They even game it his colours; a nice touch. He also appears to be sporting the M7 Lancer, which is indeed a re-skinned Avenger. One hopes it packs a little more punch.

Not sure what the point of the Alliance Infiltration Unit is. I mean, unless the Geth are loading themselves into Alliance built mechs it can't be a fully independent AI, can it? I suppose it could be VI operated, but that doesn't seem right from a lore perspective. If security mechs are any measure, those things aren't terribly bright. I'm going to make a guess and predict that it'll be sporting Cloak, Energy Matrix and either Overload or Sabotage.

The blue-eyed collector looks interesting. It could just be a new enemy, but I'm wondering if it could possibly be a Leviathan dominated unit? If so I wonder what it's power set might be? Deployable seeker swarm? An ability to regenerate health? Grenades of some type? ...Dominate?
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